Will I have to build out a new space in my fitness center?

No, the "Studio in a Box" concept does not require build out. EMS training is delivered with the trainer using a tablet to control impulses, a suit with electrodes worn by the client that and a small device attached to the suit. A small existing area in the gym can be designated for private and small group sessions.

How long will it take to see a profit?

One of the best things about this exciting new fitness system is how fast investors get to break even. The equation of 20 minute training vs. 90 minute sessions equates to many more sessions per day.

Who Is EMS Fitness Training Good For?

People at all levels of fitness benefit from EMS fitness training.

It is recommended that prior to starting any new fitness routine, clients check with their physcians. There are contraindications - elictrical medical implants, cancer, pregnancy, thrombosis, epilepsy, and hypersensitivity to stimulation.

With EMS programs are specifically taylored for people at any level of fitness, no matter where your clients are on the fitness spectrum .

What Is WB EMS?

WB EMS mimics the signal your central nervous system sends to your muscles telling them to contract. When you maximally contract a muscle, at best, only 30% of all your muscle fibers are in a state of contraction. With WB EMS you can stimulate 95% of muscle fibers simultaneously to burn calories and improve strength in only 20 minutes 2x per week!

WB EMS is also used for rehabilitation after injury, for joint-sparing muscle development as well as targeted back and core exercises.

How do I learn about EMS training?

Whole Body EMS training can only be delivered by certified EMS trainers. Our team will train you and your staff prior to delivering the system to ensure the system is used safely.

What Are The Benefits of WB EMS?

WB EMS has many benefits. It enhances power, performance and muscular condition as well as increases metabolism and heart rate when used properly with a targeted workout routine. The benefit is that it does not require additional central nervous system input from a trainee that may already be tired and not have the energy to perform at high a level in their workout. It also places less stress on joints and soft tissue compared to traditional strength or resistance training. Only 20 minutes 2x per week!

I train clients in their homes. Can I carry the system easily?

Yes, more than likely your client will opt to own a personal suit. You carry an IPad, and a device pluce a few other items.

How do I know this is a good business opportunity?

There is a great deal of evidence worldwide that EMS training is a viable fitness training business model. We will partner with you to get started and support you as you grow your EMS business.

What liabilities are assciated with WB EMS? Is there added risk due to the electricity?

No! WB EMS technology is based on low frequency impulses that do not harm the body. The equipment is FDA approved and sends electrical impulses to the muscles the same way the central nervous system does. There are no known side effects of WB EMS training.

Is this a good technology for elite athletes?

Studies have shown this to be an excellent add on to improve performance in many sports.